Emotional intelligence

Read about emotional intelligence. Then navigate to the link   below and read the article on emotional intelligence and how it was applied   to a case study. Prepare a two part response for this DQ. First, briefly   define and describe emotional intelligence. Then describe how you might apply   it to some aspect of your life, personally or professionally. Be sure to cite   the text and the article, as well as any additional sources you may use, in   APA style. (200 words)


Thinking about various approaches to helping and counseling   people. Choose a counseling theory that seems to fit best for you, one you   could envision using in the future. Describe this theory in detail and then   explain why this theory resonates and makes sense to you. 450 words 

To what degree do you use cognitive rational thinking, as   opposed to rote mechanical responding, in making motivational decisions?   450 words

Define the self-serving bias.  When have you used the   self-serving bias and why did you use it? 450 words

What are editorial objectives and purposes of an employee   publication and annual report. 450 words

Identify a crisis typology 1 and list an organization   vulnerable situation. Develop a comprehensive list of publics/stakeholders   and their impact of the crisis on them. 450 words

Pease choose a point made by the video as your focus   supported by ideas in Chapter 8. You will need to include ways in which   marketing research interfaces strategy. Find one scholarly peer-reviewed   journal source as a support for the ideas you write on in the post.(   400 words)

View the Interview video on COVID and consumers. Choose one of the examples provided in the video as the focus for your 300 to 400 word post. From the example chosen, provide insights found in Chapter 13 in the text. Also select one peer-reviewed scholarly article as a support for the ideas your write on.

View the Video Presentation. Consider how brands will develop in the future. Select an idea you find important from the video. Find supporting concepts from Chapter 16 in the text and from one peer-reviewed scholarly journal source. Write a 300 to 400 word post on your point of interest.

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