1. Keep a three-day record of your feelings. You can do this by spending a few minutes each evening recalling what emotions you felt during the day, what other people were involved, and the circumstances in which the emotion occurred. It is up to you how you would like to keep track of your emotions for 3 days.
  2. After you have completed your log, please answer the following in a 3-4 page analysis:

a. How did you recognize the emotions you felt? (Were there physical cues? Was it recognizing the response from another person? Provide specific examples.)

b. What level of difficulty did you have when deciding which emotion you were feeling? Why or why not?

c. Which emotions did you experience most often in the last three days? How would you characterize them (primary/mixed; mild/intense)? Why do you think you were feeling those emotions most often? Are these emotions typical of those you usually experience, or were the last three days unique?

d. Do you always express your feelings? Does it vary by situation? How or why?

e. Were you content with the ways you expressed your emotions over the last three days? Were you content with the consequences of the ways you expressed your emotions? (If you didn’t express them, were you satisfied with the consequences that arose from not expressing them?)

f. Concluding thoughts

g. Submit your typed 3-4 page paper AND your emotions log.