Employee performance appraisal

Write a 2 page essay on 3_08 Employee Performance Appraisal.Create room for personal evaluation-it is good to come up with a blank document and ensure that employees continually rate themselves using the same procedure you will rate them. Majority will appreciate participating in the process.Show respect-it is good to send clear signals to each employee and tell them that the meeting is of great importance. Start documentation at an early stage and work at a good place so as to ensure that work runs smoothlyInput much focus-treat the meeting like it’s a great business encounter. It is good to make sure that one does not come up with topics that tend to divert the attention of the general meeting in place. Social elements should not be mixed.Don’t wait-it is good for one to inform employees on anything that is pending rather than wait for things to happen. Ensure that all activities are well taken care of and nothing is left pending for the moment.Be careful on writings-only information that is relevant to the topics should be included in writing. Personal information should not be included in such kinds of documents as they may not be of help. Omissions should not be done on papers.&nbsp.Avoid debating-it is good for one to keep controlling the meeting with a further reigning in the discussions that arise. A manager is supposed to have the final word in the workplace and ensure that work is running smoothlyDo not do majority of talking-it is good to let employees do the talking so that one gets the desired kind of feedback from them. Letting them do the talking gives you the opportunity to get the desired feedback from them.&nbsp.Give evaluation deadlines-it is good to handle situations in a more professional manner as a manager. It is good not to let employees comment on the appraisal document. Comments should be done on a separate sheet of

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