Employee relations and engagement

Submit a 3250 words essay on the topic Employee relations and engagement.Some firms have even structured their systems to allow the employees co-own the companies they work for and participate in their day-to-day management activities This has proved to be a plus in the attempts to improve employees’ performance. This report analyses the situation of Waitrose. a branch of the John Lewis Partnership. This study found out that Waitrose is a company that is dear to Employment Engagement (EE) and Employee Relations (ER). It was found out that Waitrose uses three basic practices to meet this demand: employee-partner system, creating low-level employee involvement and enabled communication systems. It is recommended that the company replaces its data survey system, select, hire and train managers who are passionate about employee engagement. Lastly, it was suggested that the company should develop assessment and evaluation frameworks for monitoring employee engagement.The human resource is among the key stakeholders that companies are keen on enhancing their welfare so they may perform highly towards the growth of the company. With increased research and studies, businesses are now enlightened on the importance of promoting and maintaining healthy and positive employees’ relations and engagement. Systems have been aligned to ensure that each and every employee within the organisation can efficiently interact, communicate and coordinate with others. The overall culture has also been modified to synchronise with the management’s pursuit to promote effective engagement and relations amongst workers. According to Bakker and Leiter (2010: 101), organisations are more likely to succeed and prosper if the coordination and engagement amongst their workers are enhanced. Working in an enabling environment motivates employees to deliver their best performance for the prosperity of the company. However, to promote these relations and engagements amongst employees, various frameworks and procedures must be put in place to guide

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