Employee resourcing

Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: Employee resourcing.Recruitment is the process of attracting a pool of applicants to fill current and future vacancies. A vacancy may result if an employee quits the job, is promoted, or new vacancies due to restructuring or improvements. After recruitment, the selection process begins whereby the right candidates are selected from the pool of applicants to fill the vacancies using various methods and techniques.The recruitment and selection process is important as it ensures quality and productivity, reduces labor turnover, as well as saving time and money needed for future recruitment practices (eHow, 2011). The paper will discuss the various recruitment and selection methods as well as develop a recruitment strategy for an organization.Organizations have become very particular about recruiting candidates for employment due to recession and high unemployment in UK. Recruiting is therefore very important in ensuring success of the organization and is an overall HR planning strategy. Recruitment is the process of attracting potential candidates to fill in vacant positions or for future placements. Mathis and Jackson (2010) acknowledge the need for organizations to carry out strategic recruiting so as to achieve organizational effectiveness. This entails determining the industry where to recruit qualified individuals, being aware of competitors’ strategies so as to identify the key to success, forming relationships with the sources of prospective employees, and promoting the company brand (p.178). Due to many issues concerned with employment laws, the recruiters should also be trained on the laws. For recruitment to be successful it should be an ongoing process and the management should decide the method to use based on costs and effectiveness. There are various recruitment methods such as. promotion, job rotation, former staffs, employee referrals, job centers,

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