Endotracheal intubation pros and cons

Submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Endotracheal intubation pros and cons of its use in the emergency medical services field.ared towards the pros and cons of the application of endotracheal intubation during the different procedures of emergencies that are usually undertaken when issues of time and saving life is at stake.In the discussion that follows, a deeper understanding on the realities behind the process of applying endotracheal intubation shall be given way. It is through this that the characterization of the said process shall be well opened for criticism with regards the positive effects as well as the negative effects of the medical approach to the patients immediately treated through endotracheal intubation (Sengupta 8). A part of the context of this particular reading shall also present the necessary reasons behind the establishment of such process and how it has been approved for medical application. from this particular discussion, a path towards the revealing on how the entire medical approach is actually creation a major breakthrough as well as a major danger to some patients to whom the process is applied to.Basically, endotracheal intubation is the description as to how the use of a plastic tube is utilized as a means of protection for the trachea and a direct passage for air during a critical medical situations. With the aid of laryngoscope, the tube is passed towards a path that includes the nose, larynx, and the vocal cords. This process then aims to at least give a patient that chance to breathe especially in special cases that they are already unable to release and accept air for body circulation. A bulb is then lighted at the tip of the apparatus to secure the entire set up in place and avoid vomit and blood from getting through the set up.The application of the entire set up may seem to be easy to explain however, it is really hard to apply though. One applying such process needs to have a mastery of its actual practice. Particularly, this is required to assure that the patient undergoing such medical treatment does not undergo any complications along the

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