Energy assessment

Building and Energy Technology – Coursework 2

You are to carry out an energy assessment on the East Renfrewshire Council Offices Building in Barrhead based on the drawings provided and the description of the installed systems discussed in class. The energy assessment should follow the methodology set down in CIBSE Technical Memorandum 22: “Energy Reporting & Assessment Methodology” using Option C therein to adjust for different building zones and actual occupancy and weather data “degree days” for the year of the metered data.

Specific data which has been provided on GCULearn for this task under Energy and Building technologies / Assignments / Coursework 2 and includes:

  • Excel spreadsheet showing metered gas & electricity consumption for the building
  • Electronic copy of TM22
  • TM22 software and tutorials in the form of excel spreadsheets
  • Historical degree day data from the carbon trust

Also provided on Blackboard within the course documents section are CIBSE Guide F and ECG19 which provide measured energy benchmark data.

Where data is not provided then you will have to make assumptions based on engineering judgement.

Your coursework submission should be in the form of a short report which should include:

  • A short overview of the TM22 methodology and a summary of how it addresses the requirements to EU member states set down in EU Directive 2002/91/EC. (guidance – 1 page)
  • A summary of the assessment carried out including any assumptions made regarding building use, degree day data. (guidance – 2 to 3 pages)
  • A comparison with energy benchmarks for buildings of similar types and commentary on comparable performance of the ERCO Building (guidance – 2 to 3 pages)
  • Short conclusion including summarising the building’s performance and potential suggestions where energy could be reduced (guidance – 1-2 pages)
  • An appendix containing the printout from the TM22 software (including ‘Plant data’).

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