The use of energy drinks has been growing in recent years, particularly among teenagers and young adults. Energy drinks are aggressively marketed with the claim that these products give an energy boost to improve both physical and cognitive performance. There isn’t much scientific evidence to support these claims. In fact, several adverse health effects have been connect with consuming energy drinks thus raising the question of whether these beverages are safe.

For this Discussion Board you will:

Select a beverage ( BANG ENERGY DRINK) advertised as promoting increased energy and/or improved performance (feel free to upload a graphic of your selection);

Identify the product and list the ingredients including all nutrients, herbal extracts, additives, stimulants, and supplements whether natural or man-made (feel free to upload the list of ingredients);

Research and report about what specific claims are made for the beverage you selected and include whether you found any verifiable evidence to support the manufacturers claim(s);

Based on your research, determine whether there is evidence to support and beneficial effects on physical and/or cognitive performance;

Identify any possible detrimental health consequences, and explain why the beverage is dangerous.

In your closing remarks, give some thought to what you learned in Chapter 7 regarding energy metabolism, the ATP pathway, and how the body obtains and converts energy from food. Apply your knowledge about energy metabolism and discuss whether you think your selected beverage would effectively increase ATP production. Defend your position.

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