Eng 101 Essay 3: Proposal Letter

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Eng. 101 Essay 3: Proposal Letter. Human Rights Abuse in another Country. 

For this assignment, you will research a human rights abuse currently going on in a country other than the United States. You will examine the abuse, the causes of the abuse, and the background/culture of the country.  You will write a letter to the president of the United Nations (or someone else in power), discussing the abuse and giving a proposal for how to stop the abuse.

Format: The proposal will be in the format of a letter (headings, salutations), etc. However, you will still follow MLA format in terms of citations and grammar/etc.

Sources: minimum 5 outside sources. You can use the general internet as well as the library to search for sources. Just remember your sources need to be of academic quality. Please note that you are allowed to use only two general internet sources, the rest most be from the library (databases or print resources).  This will help ensure that you are using a variety of sources. You will be using these sources for your annotated bibliography.

MLA format throughout (including 3rd person point of view)

Length: minimum 4 to 5 pages (1000-1250 words)

Background research:Human Rights Watch (http://www.hrw.org/). Search by topic or country/region to find recent news; also a good place to find a topic. http://www.hrw.org/. You can use this source as one of the required sources.

Organization:  Introduction paragraph. Introduce yourself and your purpose for writing, also include the issue. Lead into your thesis (your proposal of changes that need to be made to stop the abuse)

Background information: This will be the meat of your paper. In 2-3 pages, discuss the abuse. Give specific examples of the abuse. Here is where you need to use emotion, as well as facts and figures, to persuade your audience. You will also need to give back ground information about the country/culture. What is causing the abuse to occur?

Proposed solution: In 1-2 pages discuss your proposed solution. Note: some of these abuses have been going on for thousands of years, so you may not be able to come up with a solution to stop the abuse, but you can propose other things such as education, public awareness, etc.

Final paragraph: Briefly summarize your solution. Include information on how they can contact you for more information. Sign.

Formatting Guidelines for the Essay Assignment

You will be expected to format your paper using the following guidelines:

  1. Use MLA format (double spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, etc).
  2. Works Cited page and in-text citations.
  3. Include word count at the end of the essay

Due Date: See course calendar.

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