ENGL 2045: Project 1

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Literature

Please read and follow the directions for each section carefully. Type all responses into ONE Word document that is double-spaced and in 12 Times New Roman. Don’t forget to type your name at the top on the left hand side of the document! Go crazy, even! Do the MLA style heading! Fancy! You will submit your project as a single document to the dropbox in eLearn. Please be sure to submit a Word, PDF, or .rtf file. Please review the policies in the syllabus regarding late 100-point assignments.

Part I: Short Answer-50 points (5 each). Partial credit will NOT be awarded for partial responses. Additionally, at least one point will be deducted for missing signal phrases/citations or grammatically incorrect and/or unclear syntax. Choose 10 of the following prompts and respond with two or three complete, grammatically correct sentences. If you answer all of the questions, only the first 10 will be graded. When a textual example is required, be sure to include a signal phrase and citation. Please number your responses accordingly in order to clearly indicate which question or prompt your answer corresponds to. For example, if you answer question 2 first, please number it as 2. The number should appear before the response.

  1. Which short story is more relevant to the modern American audience—“The Lottery” or “Harrison Bergeron”? Please explain.
  2. Provide an example of imagery from a short story assigned for Jan. 28th or 30th that engages a sense other than sight. Explain how it helps enhance another literary technique. 
  3. Provide a specific textual example in “The Yellow Wallpaper” and explain how it proves that the room was previously used as something besides a nursery.
  4. Why is the time period in “The Yellow Wallpaper” significant?
  5. In “Harrison Bergeron,” explain how government issued handicaps are used to make everyone “equal.” Please include a textual example.
  6. How does the author of “Sweat” incorporate imagery to evoke empathy from the audience? Include a specific textual example.
  7. Explain how the use of vernacular in “Sweat” helps enhance another specific literary technique.
  8. Is Nana a good mother? Provide a specific textual example and analyze it to defend your claim.
  9. Explain the significance of being a harami in A Thousand Splendid Suns.
  10. Do the adults in Mariam’s life act as American audience members may want or expect? What does that show or prove about cultural values or expectations?
  11. Explain the irony surrounding something that Mariam finds in Rasheed’s drawer.
  12. What aspect of Laila’s childhood is better than Mariam’s? Please include a textual example and analyze it to defend your claim.
  13. What kind of person is Tariq? Provide a specific textual example and analyze it to defend your claim.
  14. Explain how food could be a metaphor for Mariam’s marriage to Rasheed.
  15. What is the most important thing that Nana taught Mariam? Was she correct? Please explain.
  16. What happens to Laila’s parents, and which aspect of the imagery surrounding those events is meant to have the most profound emotional effect on the reader?
  17. How is Laila rescued from the rubble, and how could that rescue possibly be a symbol or metaphor?
  18. Do you believe Abdul Sharif’s news about Tariq? What affects the credibility of his story?
  19. What observations does Mariam make about Rasheed’s behavioral changes after Laila comes to live with them? What is his motivation?
  20. What are Laila’s options if she does not marry Rasheed? Did she make the best choice? Explain.
  21. Does Rasheed know the truth about Aziza? Defend your claim with a textual example.
  22. Hosseini writes, “Aziza made Mariam want to weep” (Hosseini 226). Why does Mariam feel this way?
  23. Why is the attempt to escape Rasheed and Kabul so dangerous?
  24. The police officer that detains Mariam and Laila is not sympathetic to the fact that they are trying to escape an abusive husband. What does this say about the society in which he lives?
  25. What literary technique does the author use to convey the extent to which Laila and Aziza suffer after they attempt to escape Rasheed? What aspect of this suffering seems to be the most horrific? Why?
  26. In what ways does the Taliban regulate the lives of women? Please provide specific details.
  27. Explain how closure or destruction causes a specific educational or cultural loss after the Taliban comes into power.
  28. Mariam has an epiphany about motherhood in Ch. 39. What is that epiphany, and why is it important?

Part II: Writing and Analysis-50 points.

Please choose ONE option and complete the statement to create an effective claim that you can support with textual examples and analysis. Please type out the whole statement and write a response of at least 500 words to support it. Two short textual examples are required—you should not choose longer textual examples that would require block quote format. Otherwise, your ideas and insights could be overwhelmed by source material. Please note that failing to meet minimum requirements for content length or textual examples will have a negative impact on the grade. Remember to include signal phrases, internal citations, and at least 2-3 sentences of analysis (not summary) for every quote. As always, correct academic voice should be used. 1st and 2nd person or the use of rhetorical questions will result in points being deducted. This is not a full-length essay—introductory or concluding material should not be included and will not count toward the length requirement. All of the content should be thesis support/analysis. In college, an average (“C” 35-39/50 points) written response meets all formal requirements. An above average (“B” 40-44/50 points) written response meets all formal requirements and surpasses several. Excellent (“A” 45-50/50 points) written responses exceptionally surpass all formal requirements.

Option A: In _____________________ (“Short Story Title”), the most important social/political/cultural (choose one) commentary is _________________________________________________________.

Option B: ______________________________ is the most dangerous antagonist from Unit 1.

Option C: In ____________________ (title of any work from Unit 1),  ___________________________________ is a strong example of a heroic character.

Option D: Reading A Thousand Splendid Suns can teach the audience_____________________________________________________.

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