English 101 Final Paper

by | Mar 12, 2021 | College (1-2), English, Essay

A complete bibliographical citation for each source, using the documentation style of choice (APA, Chicago, MLA). If you have any difficulty with formatting the citations, make an appointment with the Writing Center, ask me, or check out Purdue Owl: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/resources.html (Links to an external site.). I strongly recommend that you do NOT use a citation generator.

Underneath the citation, provide an annotation for each source. Write a well-developed paragraph (at least six sentences) for each annotation. Each annotation should be structured this way:
Summarize the main idea(s) of the source (two or more sentences).

Look through the abstract, introduction, conclusion, headings, and sources. Remember to include in-text citations as appropriate.
Evaluate the source in terms of ethos, credibility, and rhetorical stance (two or more sentences).
You can Google search the author, the source itself (the publisher/journal), any biases of the source, and remember RACO (relevance, authority, currency, and objectivity).

Comment on how you will implement the source in your final paper (two or more sentences).
Go beyond, “It will provide evidence…” What kind of evidence? How does it support your overall claim, or one of your reasons? Does it support your counterargument?
Keep in mind:

If any annotation is less than six sentences, you will only receive partial credit for that annotation.
I will be providing feedback on this assignment. If you have any specific questions about either citations or the annotations when you submit the rough draft, please include those in the “assignment comments.”
Examples of this assignment are on Canvas.

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