English countryside

Write a 10 pages paper on English countryside. According to the ‘State of the Countryside Report’ by the Commission for Rural Communities (CRC), this is not a reality any longer. This paper will examine the elements involved in living in the English countryside with all its splendour and quietude. This report is one of the most important ones that will be used in the course of this paper as it start out with important definitions of rural and urban living as well as comparison of the same.This paper will basically be a literature review of the various categories of study for the paper that will analyse the affordability of the life in the English countryside. Through the use of the literature produced by journals, authorities as well as various authors, one will find a glimpse into the various elements of the life in the English countryside. There will be a categorisation of the concepts and ideas that revolve around this theme so as to picture each of the elements separately.The area of affordability is one that has a strong nexus with the supply and demand mechanisms that operate in the English country market. This has been discussed by various authors and planners in context of the pricing and supply factors.An important report in this area is the Final Report by the Affordable Rural Housing Commission, which was set up by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in July 2005. This commission has set forth important definitions of the affordability in the non market housing in rural areas. This has been done with a focus on sustainable development and how the same affects the marketability and subsequent affordability of the housing and land needs in these areas. (ARHC, 2005) This report’s focus is on the definition and discussion of key areas and trends that show evidence of acute shortage of land at a regional and local level. The recommendations laid down by this report are realistic and cater to the requirements for future planning through a focus on sustainable development and the affordability angle in the rural areas.The CRC report for 2006, talks of how the affordability has increased with the plunging of prices in the English countryside. This report shows how a home in the English countryside may not be a dream of the distant future for most. Based on this report, it will be easy to carry out a survey of the various factors that dictate the affordability.The various factors that have been discussed by the CRC report are generalisations in terms of the life and quality of life in the English countryside. To begin with, there is a strong connection between affordability as well as the cost of basic amenities in any area where a person wants to set up home. It has been recognised that these factors play a role as important as the price of the land or the home. The CRC report discusses various factors in terms of affordability like the rural housing as well as services and transport factors. It also discusses the economic health through a focus on the business and scope for the same in the English countryside. Through a discussion of these factors, it has been demonstrated that there is ample scope for people to relocate to this area and actually make a living to support any kind of lifestyle that they want depending on the class they hail from. (CRC, 2006)Table 1: Affordability of rural housing by area and settlement type.

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