English renaissance

Write an article on english renaissance, queen elizabeth tudor politics Paper must be at least 2250 words. Elizabeth I was not accepted initially by the pageantry because of her lineage. If we try to interpret the text “The Queen’s Majesty’s Passage” from a feminist point of discourse, we would certainly come to a very vital aspect and conclusion that Elizabeth I was also suspected for her gender.&nbsp. On January 14th of the year 1559, Queen Elizabeth Tudor took possession of the throne of England. The coronation of the royal majesty with great dignity, decor and pomp was executed as usual but there was something new in this processional coronation ceremony. The enacted part by the Queen was really great. The brilliant spectacular series of event that followed the public display was grand and brilliant. The circumstances about the entry procession and the political connotation and aftermath indicate something different which was researched by the historians and Tudor scholars even after four centuries, clearly indicate that the demand for the detailed outlay for the future course of action. After the death of the sister Mary, the entry of Elizabeth Tudor in London had been grand. The business class of the city and the nobles and knights provided her with gala ceremonies all around and therefore the ‘Queen’s Majesty’s Passage’ is often depicted as a nationalistic text (Warkentin, “The Queens Majestys passage & related documents”). But in reality, it indicates Englands doubt in Elizabeth I during her initial pageantry into the monarchy due to her controversial lineage and gender. The papers argue for the issue as it inculcates wide readings and in turn, proves that the ‘Queen’s Majesty’s Passage’ is not a nationalistic text.&nbsp.Recent research says that Cleopatra was not beautiful rather the pomp and the procession of her decorated barge in which she used to travel through the river Nile that not only eclipsed the ugly face but created an aura and feeling of majesty around her. A similar pattern of creating a false halo or a hallucination centering the procession of Queen Elizabeth was noticed and this becomes evident when her coronation is compared with the previous royal ceremonies with traditional emphasis.

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