Write 4 page essay on the topic ENVM510_M5GradedAssign.In the study related in the question, potential bias could stem from the following aspects. selection of samples, estimation biases, detection biases, exclusion bias, analytical bias and reporting bias.These biases all affected the results of the research in one way or another. The selection bias relates to bias that arises from the selection of samples for the study. These lead to a control of the results and hence a sense of bias. Estimation biases guide the study in making estimates or drawing conclusions in a study. Detection bias refers to the prejudiced mind in detecting the aspect of study. The mind would have the research emphasize a specific set of people while ignoring others that could easily prove helpful to the study. Exclusion bias comes in when a study seems to exclude a given set of people from the study yet could provide reasonable samples to provide a reasonable outcome. Exclusion could prove less professional in research and this could have the right people for the study closed out hence affecting the results.Analytical bias refers to that bias that arises in a research study due to poor evaluation techniques of the results. The analytical bias results at the analytical stage with many people evaluating the results badly due to the prejudicial state of their minds on the expected results of the study. Lastly, reporting bias arises from the last stages of a research. These contribute much to the report developed after that could have value based on the nature of information provided. The bias affects the research in the sense that it provides results reported with more inclination to the mindset that the researcher held during the process. The existence of bias in most of the material used for the research makes readers or the users obligated to identify the aspects of bias and their effects to the work at hand (Gerhard, 2008).Addressing the aspects of bias that exist in a research requires a thorough consideration

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