ER diagram

For each of the problem statements, do the following:a. Draw an ER diagram. Make sure each entity type has at least one key attribute.Document any assumptions you make. Avoid diagrams with a single entity.b. If you think the description is incomplete, list other data the database should store.c. Adjust your design to incorporate these additions.Problem 1: A space agency wants to develop a database of all satellites that humans havelaunched into space. Data includes the satellite identification, date of launch, destruction date,purpose, maximum orbital altitude, launching location, launching agency, and contactinformation for agency.Problem 2: A psychological study requires participants to answer a number of questions relatedto personality. The database should store the multiple choice answers (A, B, C, D) to thequestions and information about each participant, such as participant id, age, and sex. Thedatabase should compute a score based on the individual’s answers. The score indicates one of 8personality categories. Each category has an identifying name and specifies that each of threequalities is either true or false.

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