ERP in Public Sector Oman

You will prepare and submit a term paper on ERP in Public Sector Oman. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. Vulnerable individuals such as the underage, old people, the mentally handicapped, the sick are ethically entitled to special considerations against discrimination, abuse, deception or even exploitation. In the conduct of research, the issue of ethical obligation to this category of the public demands a well-planned method to protect their interests, reactions, and suggestions about the ERP implementation in Oman public sector.Another ethical issue expected in this research is the circumstances where the interviewee expects or goes to an extent of requesting special services or bribery. some even ask for monetary assistance in return for their participation in the research. This is illegal and it brings about conflict of interest, as the information given will most likely be questionable.Oman is a country which is part of the expansive Arab states in the Maghreb region. traditionally, it has been using the Sharia law as part of its judicial system to govern and rule over its subjects and government operations as a whole. One of the branches of its judicial systems is the restriction it has placed on social interactions between men and women. The social segregation according to sex has made men largely prohibited from women’s realms, and vice versa. This is most likely to create difficulties in collecting data if the information has to come from a member of the opposite sex.Another legal factor that may be considered during my research is the issue of justice and fairness for all respondents.

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