Es ist vollbracht

Research paper on es ist vollbracht. Needs to be 6 pages. The song “Es ist vollbracht” is done through German language and by a German composer known as Bach. The song was composed in 1725 with a connection to political history. The song is more anti-Semitic and is connected to wider controversy in Judaism (Alperson, 2010). “Concerto in D major” is a music that was composed by Mozart and is based on the key of D major. The song has three movements which are allegro Aperto, adagio non troppo, and Rondo, Allegretto. The song is of a classical style and has the instrumental voice alone starting with a flute solo then accompanied by two oboes, two horns, and strings. The song is fast with an asymmetrical meter with loud dynamics. The song was done in 1778 and is adapted from the earlier oboe concerto that was of C major. “Sebben crudele” is a solo performance with the accompaniment of a piano. It is slow music with soft dynamics and having a simple duple meter. The song has a simple love melody that is conjunct. The song’s texture is of heterophony and of a discernible binary. It is an area that was arranged in 1710 of concert performance in the early years being an Italian song of the early seventeen and eighteen centuries. The piece is set with less historical accurate accompaniments in its collection and has a variety of versions. The piece creates a mood of historical events of the early Christian times. “Le Carnaval de Venise” has a fast tempo and moderately soft dynamics. The piece is a German arrangement with a folk tune. It has a compound meter with a disjunction melody that is well arranged. The piece has a combination of texture that varies from homophonic and monophonic. It has a series of theme and variations that is written and is often led by the solo trumpet. It contains virtuoso displays of triple and doubles tonguing. It is known as the most difficult trumpet arranged piece that has technical demands. The piece has historical relation with victory and culture associated with a mask that has always featured in the early years of 1162.“Glut” is a rock style music that has an andante tempo. It’s a percussion piece that is led by brass guitar in an orchestral medium. It has complex dynamics with a compound meter and a simple double melody.

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