Essay on 4 discussion questions

Essay on 4 discussion questions. Paper must be at least 250 words. Personally I believe the development of IPv6 appropriately overcomes the issues occurring with IPv4. In order to improve performance, I believe the need to adopt and upgrade to newer technology is stronger than improving the current version of technology which is readily approaching its decline.Microsoft and UNIX is an ongoing debate which has been discussed by numerous critics. Microsoft evidently has a competitive edge due to its mass bundled offerings and relentless marketing. Microsoft is rampantly available everywhere, bundled along with most PCs/Laptops. Also, the fully loaded services available with Microsoft come as an exclusive attraction for many users. The issue of ethicality of Microsoft’s decision to bundle its services yet needs to be resolved. However, it is unanimously believed that Microsoft had intended to create its monotony rule in the IT industry. It has increased its operations to such an extent that the court proceedings ordered for its operations to be broken down into smaller independent units. I believe the court rulings were absolutely

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