Essay on Chapter Six Reading Response

Essay on Chapter Six Reading Response. Paper must be at least 250 words. For instance, the bronze figure of Siva figure represented the Hindu god in a dance pose as a symbol of ritualistic devotion of the Hindu. It is quite fascinating to learn how people had diverse ways of religious devotion. Secondly, the Amber Necklaces of Eastern Asia were a symbol of good luck, happiness and as a charm against evil. The good associated with it is quite fascinating.The two works of art that I responded to most negatively were The Bayeux Tapestry and the Stc-Foy Reliquary. Though they are useful representations of the religious transformation and influence of the 10th century in Europe, they period was marked by several Christian-Muslim wars.The one monument I would want to know more about is the statues of Moai Ancestors figures found in Polynesia Island. I equate their significance to the pyramids of Egypt which has images of their early rulers. I would imagine how the rulers must have looked like. The monumentality of the statues exhibits some respect and

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