Essay on evalucation

Essay on Evalucation. Paper must be at least 500 words. Below are the evaluation methods that are going to be employed:In order for the project to be a success, a proper understanding of the targeted public is prime. In order to understand the public a couple of data collection methods has to be involved. These will include surveys and questionnaires (Dennis 2). There will also be small groups conducting outreach programs to outsource detailed information. In the evaluation of this stage of the campaign, the use of data from the surveys and questionnaires shall be analyzed. The information on interviews collected by the outreach groups will also be analyzed. The evaluation points should be based on the opinions and attitude of the public. If the full demographic information achieved is convincing (positive attitude and opinion), then moving to the next step will be smooth and easy based on the information at hand (Dennis 4).This campaign employed giveaways, brochures, events, promotions, social media and media outreach as the tactics that would enable the creation of a strong public relation and awareness to make them register with Park on Morton student apartments. The evaluation of each or a combination of the above mentioned is pertinent as this is the point in which the campaign fails or flourishes.The best way to attract the attention of the public is through the use of Giveaways and Brochures. There will be free T-Shirts, lanyards, pens sunglasses and well-designed water bottles. To evaluate the effect of the Giveaways and Brochures, the focus will me on the way the public receives them and their attitude towards them. If this process is a success, there are a couple of things that are likely to occur: there will be an improved customer visit to Park on Morton offices for registration and inquiries.The events will be conducted in collaboration with local companies such as Bloomington Bagel Company and Kilroy’s on Kirkwood, Dunkirk and spots.

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