Essay on Feminist Therapy

Write a 2 page essay on Feminist Therapy.Feminist therapy has focused on integrating the positive aspects exhibited in traditional therapy with gender sensitive components. This form of therapy recognizes the fact that women stand in a disadvantaged position in the society because of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, age, and other constructs that serve as barriers for women. These aspects about feminist therapy make it interesting (Corey & California State University, 2013).In my opinion, feminist therapy is likely to work because it introduces a unique approach to understanding social roles for both men and women in accordance with the society’s socialization patterns these kinds of understanding form a critical contribution to the therapeutic process. It helps the feminist therapist to empower the client effectively during the therapeutic process. Moreover, therapists using this form of therapy have the opportunity to make clients realize that they need to be more critical about traditional roles. This is because accepting traditional roles without any questioning may contribute to introducing a limit on the level of freedom the individual can have (Corey & California State University, 2013). The lack of freedom serves as a barrier to the positive development of self-identity.The ultimate goal of feminist therapy is ensuring that the society adopts change and no longer exhibits sexism and other forms of oppression against women. Individuals who seek feminist therapy receive personal empowerment, making them recognize their personal power and handle the barriers to their freedom. This type of therapy is effective for women exposed to different types of trauma as well as different forms of abuse. These women are likely to present depression of different levels because of the traumatic experiences. The violence perpetrated against women has its basis on the social and cultural setup. Therefore, feminist therapy, which places

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