Essay on Kandinsky on Color

Essay on Kandinsky on Color. Paper must be at least 500 words. The essay “Kandinsky on Color” discovers the art of Wassily Kandinsky. Women wearing flowery and beautiful dresses in well-decorated rooms would make one imagine their happiness. Taking a closer look, one gets to realize that the women in these paintings seem bored and in deep thought. The women do not express any happiness, but sorrow and confusion. The painting reflects a dry season with the colors confirming the viewer’s suspicion. Although thought so, the rolls of grass on the left side of the painting would mean that the dust is caused by the machinery harvesting the grass. The road seems brown, and a man walks along it. Trees along the road seem dried. The process of clearing could mean anticipated rains that will lead to sprouting of more grass and leaves on the trees. Dull colors in homes and workplaces lead to slow responses from individuals. Dull colors and appearance psychologically represent sadness while warm colors trigger happy reactions and also express happiness from individuals. Warm colors, when used in advertising and sales, grab the attention and interest of viewers. Additionally, dull colors repel the attention and interest of individuals. Therefore, to ensure a painting wins the attention of a majority of the targeted group of people, more warm colors and expression needs to get used. Therefore, it would be true to conclude that the eye is charmed by color before it ruminates the detail. Kandinsky Wassily became the genius of art after discovering its effects to people in different aspects.

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