Essay on Microsoft

Argumentative essay on Microsoft. Needs to be 4 pages. The corporate office of Microsoft is headquartered at One Microsoft Way, Redmond: Washington, USA. It has subsidiaries in more than 100 countries ranging from Albania to Zimbabwe. The company board of director’s team comprises of ten individuals and it is headed by Steve Ballmer (Chief Executive Officer).The executive team consists of sixteen competent members managing the company operations over the globe.The company operates in the global competitive environment by developing, manufacturing, licensing and supporting a wide array of software products and services for different computing devices. Microsoft businesses have been divided into five segments. Client, Server & Tools, Online Services Business, Microsoft Business Division and Entertainment and Devices Division. The Client segment focuses on Windows Product Family and is recognized as its flagship product since they are globally recognized all over the world (Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc.). The Server and Tools segment sells server products and related services and solutions and its major product in this division include Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Video and Microsoft Enterprise Services. The third segment of Online Service Businesses provides offerings such as email, online information offerings such as Hotmail and MSN Portals. The revenue generated from this segment mainly comes through advertising. Microsoft Business Division includes Microsoft Office Suites and Desktop Programs. The final segment of Entertainment and Devices Division sells hardware and among the most prominent includes. Xbox 360 video game console, Zune digital music and entertainment device. The online services and offerings include Hotmail, Bing, and MSN Portals.Innovation has remained the cornerstone of Microsoft’s success. It has not only sustained itself in stiff competition throughout the globe but

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