Essay on Psychopathology

Argumentative essay on Psychopathology. Needs to be 1 pages. Disengagement theory deals with the relationship between person and his members in the society, where he or she resides.Notably, apart from suicidal and depression which, elderly encounter. society is another determining factor does disengagement to the aging. Since aging people are more the same as young, they are less involved in the society. That is, they are excluded in many social functions in the society. Apparently, there is evident that in America, the society forces to withdraw themselves from the aging people.Interaction mode of pre and post variables does affect children’s psychosocial, intellectual as well as mental outcomes (Tennenbaurn 102). This circle revolves around parents, for instance, mothers who had stress during pregnancy are likely to make their children to wheez. In addition, drugs are another factor that determines metal outcome. According to study, mother who took cocaine during their pregnancy period did instill children to drinking more that those who did not use drugs. In addition, boys whose mothers used cocaine had lower IQ in comparison to that of none exposed boys. furthermore, stress during the time of pregnancy is again a key factor. Notably, children born to no-sensitized mother were prior to high prenatal stress and wheeze.In conclusion, children have high risk of getting stress in their early childhood and while in uterus. Following this, it is mandatory for parents to take great care during pregnancy. In addition, society plays vital role in nurturing elderly, and so the society as a whole is of great importance to the aging, therefore it is better if they are incorporated in the

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