Essay on (Statistical Psychology)

Write an essay on (Statistical Psychology) Does being in a relationship in college affect the students overall GPA. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Due to the nature of these relationships, some of them are very time consuming and they get the students very involved. In college the amount of work the student has to deal with is also substantial. Focus on relationships can affect the performance of the student’s results. This is the research project under analysis.The main reason for this study is to determine the relationship between intimate relationships in colleges and the overall student performance on their grade point average. The research explores all the variables that re involved in the student’s life in general. This involves the number of hours spent studying, the number of hours focused on the relationship, their financial status among other variables in the student’s life. These variables will help give a clear picture of the lifestyle and mentality of the average student in colleges.Related studies have been done before on the factors that affect the students’ grades. Many factors were analyzed and how they affect the student’s overall grade (Vockell, 1972). Some of the factors that were determine were, relationships with other students, working outside of school hours, the stresses of finances, and general social factors like alcoholism. These factors were analyzed and the severity of their effect on the grades determined.In this current study, the research looks at only one aspect of the factors that affect grades, which is, relationships. This factor is studied extensively and all the variables that are remotely involved are analyzed for pattern generation. This study intends to show how severely student relationships affect the student’s academic performance. This analysis shows the relationship between the different variables that affect the student and how they are related.The methods used in this research involved doing interviews with willing participants and collecting information from them. This information is then used for the analysis.

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