Essay on the topic SOAPE

Write 1 page essay on the topic SOAPE.In this case, the patient showed signs like constant diplopia, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, general malaise and had also lost 25 kilograms in a period of five month (Croat 348).This includes the information gathered during the interview with the client in the objective and subjective. From the information gathered in diagnoses evaluation and interview with the patient, he experienced a lot of complications. The patient had a brain tumor which was in the process of enhancing the sellar region. The tumor or growths lead to more body complication like loss of weight, vomiting and headaches (Croat 349).The plan is composed of everything that can be done as a result of assessment. In this case for effective treatment the patient underwent resection of endoscopic tumor by the use of binostril endonasal. The use of linear accelerator in carrying out palliative radiotherapy is necessary for the patients (Croat

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