Essential nature and mission of the church

Assignment 2a: (500 words) How does the Bible describe the essential nature and mission of the church? Based on your study of the Bible, with help from the assigned reading, explain what the church is and what is its essential purpose? This should include topics such as origin (how the church came to be), essence (what it is), structure (how it is organized), and duties/mission (what it is supposed to do). 

Assignment 3a Unit 4: (350 words)

How is the church corporally equipped to carry out its fundamental purpose? Using the assigned readings relating to spiritual giftings, describe how the church is to function as one body with diverse functions/ministries. Students should begin to note some of their own gifts and talents for the use in one of the final writing assignments.

Assignment 3b Unit 4: (350 words)

What ministry are you planning to observe for your observation assignment?

You may use bullet points to answer the following:-What ministry are you planning to observe?-Why did you select that ministry?-How do you plan to conduct your observation?-Who will you interview?-What questions will you be asking them?

Assignment #4: Ministry Observation Report (500 words)

Prompt: Using the plan submitted in Unit 4, provide the findings to each of those questions, concluding with a paragraph describing what was learned from the exercise.

Assignment #5: Self-Assessment of Gifts & Calling (500 words)

Prompt: Pulling together all you have learned about the church, its ministries and taking into account your own gifts, talent, callings, and opportunities, develop a proposal for the type of ministry for which you are most suited. This does not necessarily have to be “full-time” ministry, but you should show how your vocational interests relate to your larger-picture kingdom (of God) service. ***I am a christian***

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