Ethical Standards in courts

Create a thesis and an outline on Assignment #1. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The citizens enjoy several rights and freedoms but in the enjoyment of such, the people have a responsibility of ensuring that they do not hurt others. Courts therefore determine the aggrieved party and punishing the guilty party appropriately.

In order to do this effectively, courts must maintain high ethical standards. The American government ensures that by developing an independent judiciary. By eliminating interference from the other two arms of the government, the judiciary enjoys the autonomy to make rulings depending on their interpretation of the law and the available evidence. Judges and prosecutors among other parties in the judiciary On the other hand must uphold high ethical standards, operate with the view of providing justice and uphold the constitutionalism in the governance of the country. The courts should provide amicable solutions to conflicts that arise in different spheres including commercial sectors among many others within the country (Halbrook, 1998).

Cine should not answer the interrogations, answering the interrogations is tantamount to the party providing incriminating evidence against him or her. The Miranda rights for example is a statement that law enforcer read to suspects warning them not to talk since whatever they say is used in incriminating them in a court of law. This implies that the constitution recognizes the fact that one should not incriminate himself or herself. The prosecutor must carry out independent investigations and determine his or her own original evidence. Compelling Cine Forty Theater Group to answer the interrogations is forcing the party incriminate itself, it thus becomes appropriate for the company to reserve its thoughts on the case and use such during the court proceeding in defending itself thereby proving the other party liable.Legal proceedings have effective legislations governing the operations and actions of each party conjoined in a court case.

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