Ethics and law in the context of Gary’s business situation

Write a 1 page essay on The distinction between ethics and the law in the context of Gary’s business situation.With ethics, there is need for a good relationship with customer whether you are giving them what they need or you are short of what they need. With ethics, arrogance is not in the picture.With the law, it is necessary for your employees to give you value for your money but with ethics, offering service to you is on consensus where you both benefit from. Ordering them to work extra hours at the regular rate with no complain is a form of dictatorship baring in mind that they have responsibilities they have to meet especially for the single moms. There should be a point of negotiation where one airs their likes and dislikes for a peaceful coexistence between the owner of the business and the employees. Though the business has flourished, it is important for ethics to be upheld for the business to continue growing. This is because with such an attitude, Gary risks incurring losses due to hiring cost. People want to work where they are accepted and respected. Adopting a different view and different behavior will not only save him money, but will create an atmosphere conducive for his employees, customers and

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