Ethics and moral character

Compose a 1000 words essay on Project. In this part of the paper, we will discuss how ethics and moral character helped Walt Disney achieve success in his life.If we research Disney’s personal life, we come to know that ethics always held a key place in his life. He never overlooked his ethical set of standards while dealing with any matter of life.Whatever the situation had been, he always adhered to his ethical norms and values and that was the main success factor for him regarding his personal and professional success. In professional life, he always seemed to be taking decisions considering ethical limitations. Incorporation of ethics in any decision-making process is essential because it makes the decision justified and acceptable. Disney always incorporated ethical norms and values in his personal and professional life decisions.He also had a moral character that helped him gain a well-regarded place in society, as well as in his professional workplace. “In order to achieve happiness and become a good person, you must know that character is the greatest success factor of all”.2 The fact is that success in society is related directed with a leader’s reputation. If a leader wants to get respect from his followers, he/she must improve his/her reputation in the society. Disney was the type of leader who always seemed to be adhering to this concept of social success in whole of his life. Some of Disney’s main qualities included moral courage, truth, honesty, hard work, and sincerity.Ethics and moral character had been Disney’s two of the most precious assets. Ethics helps a person fulfill his inner soul, whereas moral character helps him/her gain respect and value in the society. In Disney’s case, both ethics and moral character proved to be the main success factors as they helped him dominate the world of film production by influencing the thoughts and feelings of his subordinates.Summing it up, we can say that ethics and moral character are the real assets of a

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