Ethics in the work environment

by | Mar 17, 2021 | College (3-4), Essay, Ethics

Your ethics paper must be word-processed and adhere to the guidelines below. In addition, your report
should focus on the characteristics ethical people should possess as well as core values company expect
from employees and new hires.
Document Requirements

  1. Submitted papers should to be 3-4 in length, not including the cover page and references.
    Select a combination of articles or sources that will support expected topic coverage.
  2. Submitted papers need to include a title page with the following information: Title, name, course
    name and number, and date submitted. This information needs to be centered on the page.
  3. Submitted papers need to follow the following margin parameters: 1.0” margin all the way around.
    In addition, all text within the body of the report needs to be 12-point, Times, Courier, or Arial, single spacing and left justified. If you are not in the habit of indenting the first word of each new paragraph, you need to get in the habit; also no blank line between paragraphs unless it is a sub-section separation.
  4. Submitted papers need to include page numbers on all pages except the title page. The first page of the report should be labeled as page 1 (number only). Page numbers should only be placed in one of two locations on the page–upper right corner or bottom of page in the center.
  5. If direct quotes are incorporated into the paper, they must be reference in the text in accordance with
    the APA Publication Manual. Remember this is a research paper in-text and/or quotation referencing is required.
  6. Papers should be spell-checked and proof-read to reduce the occurrence of misspellings and inappropriate word usage. Series items listed must be indicated with bullets or numbers, in paragraph
  7. Any tables and figures must be structure and captioned in accordance with APA guidelines (i.e., table numbers and captions)
  8. Avoid violating the widow/orphan rule — a single line of a paragraph, either the first or last line of the paragraph, standing alone on a different page.
  9. Submitted papers must include references at the end of the paper. These references must be in accordance with the APA Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (can be researched on the internet or viewed in the library). Do not place references on a separate page at the end of the document; the end of the “document” is acceptable. Any listed references must show up in the body of the paper with a proper in-text or quotation references.
  10. Submitted papers must adhere to APA Style manual. Copies of the APA Publication Manual are available in the reference section of the library.

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