Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses ethics of care and justice. Finally, Held perceives people as being “relational and interdependent, morally and epistemologically” just like the morals of responsibility (Held 148). This is mainly because the theory put forward mainly perceives humans as being individualistic.

On the contrary, the morals of justice differ from the morals of care since it emphasizes on the issues of fairness and human rights unlike the latter which emphasizes on the individuals emotions (Walls, p.176). It does not emphasize on handling the individual emotions but on promoting fairness despite the emotions attached to the issue under consideration (Robinson 135). The morals of justice additionally differ from the morals of care since they consider reasons rather than an individual’s emotions and are keen on ensuring that justice prevails in all situations (Walls 178). The morals of justice also differ from the morals of ethics on the ground that the former focuses on the importance of mobilizing the social resources available in safeguarding the vulnerable people from exploitation from the people who are in power (Robinson 139). This is different from the morals of care which emphasize on the importance of shaping good and caring relations among individuals (Walls 179).

Finally, the morals of justice stipulate that humans are dependent and are solely responsible for their actions but the morals of care stipulate that humans are relational and interdependent (Robinson 142). This implies that according to the morals of care humans rely on one another for moral support and that the relations between them play a vital role in their daily lives (Walls 183).

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