Evaluating websites

Prepare and submit a paper on evaluating websites. Evaluating Websites Evaluating Websites- CDC Website Introduction A health-based Website’s is the centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The website strives to save lives by offering 24 hours informative session. CDC serves to communicate and alert Americans on emerging issues as relates to health, safety, and security. In addition, the website offers valuable information aimed at increasing health security of America as a nation. The CDC being the nation’s protection agency, CDC through the website aims saving and protecting lives of the Americans from critical health threats such as Ebola (CDC, 2014). In order to locate the website, the Google search engine is usable. The search engine estimates the number of websites existing on servers as its web crawling spider Googlebot crawls the World Wide Web. The CDC website’s domain is cdc.gov, which is its online identity. The website documents updated information as relates to health care and nursing profession. The website’s address is http://www.cdc.gov.AnalysisThe website provides timely information to the public on detection by the CDC professionals. Through the e-mail, add in on their website, CDC avails information to the public via personal mailboxes. The privacy in disposing mails at personal mailboxes enhances the privacy in the website. The website commands widespread of attention through the authoritarianism in the manner in which it dispenses sensitive and critical health alerts. It proves the first aid measures on how to address such emergencies with the key steps involved, this enhances its capability in realizing its set goals and objectives.Credibility of the WebsiteThe website outlines the sources of information for any verification. The manner in which it presented the Ebola outbreak citing Liberia as a source of the disease indicated and commanded trust from the public (Altman et al., 2014). In addition, the website has updated information as relates to health. The currency of the website makes it dependable upon when in need of current valuable information.The website clearly outlines the research methodologies the CDC employs in acquiring all the information that it provides. The clear outline of the methodologies can be useful in conducting thesis and other scholarly researches. It also gives the authors in the researches that can aid citing for the researchers and thesis students. The website provides relevant information about the authors and their arts as relates to the health that is its main objective. All these factors justify and qualify the website as scholarly.Importance of the website to a professional nurseThe website provides lab safety practices that are essential to the nursing professionals (CDC, 2014). The nurses being part of the heath care organization require these kinds of information that may help them interact and operate within the health care without causing health care lab faults or accidents.The website gives reports filed relating to the nursing profession, such information are basic to the nursing professionals for future references (CDC, 2014). The archived information makes the website an important part of nursing profession.The website provides additional information on conferences and events that nurses should purpose to attend. Nursing professionals hence require the website to alert them on the conference dates and events (CDC, 2014).ConclusionThe website is an essential tool in ensuring health, safety, and security to the Americans. It avails information regarding the current health issues and outlines the safety measures taken when handling such emergencies.ReferencesAltman, A., Park, A., Sanburn, J., Sifferlin, A., Saporito, B., Oaklander, M., & Miller, Z. (2014). 12 Answers To Ebolas Hard Questions. Time, 184(17), 22-29Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2014, November 14). CDC Releases New Reports on Ebola Cases in Liberia and the United States. Retrieved 2014, November 16 from, http://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2014/p1114-ebola-liberia.htmlGuardiola-Wanden-Berghe, R., Gil-Pérez, J. D., Sanz-Valero, J., & Wanden-Berghe, C. (2011). Evaluating the Quality of Websites Relating To Diet and Eating Disorders. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 28(4), 294-301. doi:10.1111/j.1471-1842.2011.00961.

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