You are required to observe in a P-3rd grade classroom setting for 5 hours and write an Evaluation of Classroom Practices essay to reflect on these hours in the field. (Time Sheet showing 5 observation hours is due Module 7.) Please begin working on this essay as soon as you begin observation in the field so that you will have time to schedule appointments with writing tutors as needed. Include academic language and in-text citations for your final copy due Week 9. Please become familiar with the topics for your essay prior to observing in the field so that you can plan and organize your note-taking carefully. (The grading criteria for the Evaluation of Classroom Practices essay is included in the attached rubric.)

Write a 1500 word reflection essay that compares and contrasts what you have learned in your course, with what you have observed in the field. Include explanations, descriptions, examples and at least 4 in-text citations from the textbook or other sources. Choose to focus on some of the topics stated below:

*Throughout your essay, apply the theories of Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson, Bandura, and Gardner to all examples of the students you observed in the classroom setting

1. How did the teachers you observe help nurture and develop students’ self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-regulation?

2. What was an example of attachment within a teacher-student relationship?

3. What observations did you make of the social environment of the classroom?

4. What was an example of classroom management that you observed?

5. What was an example of the use of positive guidance initiated by the teacher?

6. How did the teacher transitions the students from one activity to another?

7. Did you observe a discipline issue? poor student behaviors? How were these issues handled?

8. How did the teacher model positive social skills?

9. During a lesson, how does the teacher access students’ prior knowledge of the lesson topic? Give examples.

10. How does the teacher engage students as active learners?

11. How does the teacher informally assess if the children understand what he or she is teaching them?

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