Evidence-based medicine

Create a 14 pages page paper that discusses evidence-based medicine. The impetus f?r this paper was the idea that the c?ncept ?f evidence-based nursing represents s?mething ?f a parad?x. The parad?x is that there seems t? be very little evidence t? supp?rt the n?ti?n that the term is a s?lid en?ugh c?nstruct f?r scientific ?r practical purp?ses. In fact, the c?ncept itself h?lds within it the seeds ?f its ?wn destructi?n. In the same way that a pers?n speaking ab?ut el?cuti?n ?r lecturing ab?ut g??d teaching can betray the very principles they are ext?lling by their behavi?ur, current adv?cates ?f evidence-based practice (EBP) seem t? betray the wh?le rati?nale f?r EBP by having n? scientific c?nstruct t? supp?rt its emergence. ?thers have c?mmented ?n similar scenari?s in health care. The emphasis ?n enlarging the EBM textb??k als? runs the risk ?f re-creating the intense enthusiasm f?ll?wed by the sad disenchantment that ?ccurred ab?ut 25 years ag? when the Pr?blem ?riented Medical Rec?rd was intr?duced (Feinstein & H?r?witz 1997). The same c?uld be said ?f previ?us v?gues the Nursing Pr?cess, Primary Nursing and in m?re recent times the Reflective Practiti?ner. This is a parad?x that has res?unding implicati?ns f?r evidence-based nursing n?t just because it limits its utility, but because there may be inherent ?nt?l?gical issues which preserve certain superficiality in the pr?cess ?f pr?m?ting better nursing practice. It is pr?p?sed here that the epistem?l?gical status ?f evidence-based nursing sh?uld is c?nsidered further in ?rder t? refine a m?del which has s?me utility in impr?ving nursing practice. Epistem?l?gy, ?r the the?ry ?f kn?wledge, is c?ncerned with h?w we kn?w what we kn?w, what justifies us in believing what we d?, and what standards ?f evidence we sh?uld use in seeking truths ab?ut the w?rld and human experience (Audi 1998, p. 1). The current persuasive p?wer ?f EBP appears t? be&nbsp.based ?n a belief that it is a viable c?nstruct.&nbsp.

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