Evolutionary Personality Theory

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Psychology

Evolutionary Personality Theory

Evolutionary psychologists assert that human beings extend help based on an intuitive cost-benefit analysis and only risk resources when the expected benefit outweighs the cost of the action. One outcome of this is that we are more likely to help those to whom we are related instead of those to whom we are not related.

Based on your reading about evolutionary and existential approaches, answer the following:

Explain the above proposition given by evolutionary psychologists in your own words. You can be specific by identifying a time when you helped someone or chose not to help someone.
Clearly express a cost-benefit analysis you did in both the cases.
Natural and sexual selection has shaped the innate, human experience. But they also assert that as humans, we are only predisposed to act in certain ways under specific conditions and that we are not just instinctive creatures.

Imagine yourself an evolutionary psychologist, how would you explain murder or suicide? Use terminology specific to evolutionary personality theory.
According to evolutionary personality theory, men and women experience jealousy for different reasons. Males experience jealousy when they know or suspect that their mates are sexually unfaithful. Females experience jealousy when they know or suspect that the resources provided to her and her offspring by her mate are threatened by a rival.

Discuss the evolutionary personality theory proposed by evolutionary psychologists in terms of how it explains jealousy? Explain why you think your experience conforms or does not conform to the theory.
Some people find the evolutionary personality theory offensive or have strong opinions against it. What are your views about the theory? Explain.

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