EXAM 1 Short Answer Questions

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Bio

EXAM 1 Short Answer Questions: Ch 16-18
Answer the following questions as completely as possible (5pts)

1. How is the blood level of thyroid hormone regulated, what are its target tissues, and what are its actions? Define the thyroid hormone imbalances, called Myxedema and Grave’s disease, their most common causes, and how they affect the body.

2. What is the role of hormone producing cells found within the heart – what hormone do they release, when do they release it, and what, specifically, does it do?

3. If a person has AB type blood, which of the ABO blood types can they receive as a transfusion, and why?

4. List five types of anemia, and explain the underlying cause of each.

5. Define three factors that affect stroke volume, and describe their mechanisms of action.

6. Name the parts of the intrinsic conduction system of the heart. What are two important roles of this system?
Bonus: Answer any or all of the following for extra credit (2.5 pts)

1. What three factors determine the degree of target cell activation by a hormone, and how do they work?

2. Describe the most common causes of bleeding disorders.

3. What is the functional importance of the intercalated discs of cardiac muscle? What is the functional importance of the fibrous cardiac skeleton of the heart?

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