Executive express cafe survey

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on executive express cafe survey. The data was gathered using a set of questionnaire to record the views of the students and the staff.The total number of the respondents was 225, out of which, only 174 answered with a “yes” to question 3 implying their willingness to become customers to Express Café upon its opening. This represents 68.23529 % of the total population.The results of the information are reliable because they are based on a large sample size. Secondly, the majority of the people (68 %) have responded with positive indicator towards being customers to the Café, against the minority group with a contrary opinion (32%). The difference between the two categories overrules any possible bias that can be neglected in the analysis of this situation.The total number that could visit the café was 174 out of 255, which was 68%. The demand for the Café is approximately 68%. The demands for the services results for the demand were tested by the number of times a person could visit the Café. The results are shown below:From the results, 20% were satisfied while 68 were not satisfied, leaving 12 percent at neutral position about having the café in the College of Technology. This shows that there was a very low demand for the Express Cafe.The results about usage of the Express Café shows that 68% prefer to use the café. If the total was 1500, the number that could visit the Café is 68% of 1500. This makes up 1020. Out of the number, 22% (224) would be faculty staff while students would make up 78% (796).

The information indicates that the level of satisfaction with the café is extremely low. The management can therefore, improve the services and increase the number of products, including the new products suggested by the students and the faculty staff in the questionnaire.It is currently not viable to open the café because even though the majorities were for the idea of opening the café, the number of visits is very low.

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