Exploitation of employees

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Exploitation of employees. Research Proposal Research paper topic: ‘Exploitation if Employees’ 2. Introduction Employees are exploited by their employers when the employers judge that they cannot take the chance of getting fired or demoted and will tolerate all unfair treatments out of fear of losing job (Morgan 1998: 264). Employers exploit employees to save profit for themselves (Sherman et al 2008:216). Exploitation includes not giving credit to the employees (Lynch, Eisenberger & Armeli 1999). delaying wages. overloading with work. and, treating them unfairly. Employees can save themselves through understanding the exploitation (McFarlin & Sweeney 2002:50. Pines & Meyer 2005). raising voice. talking to HR or attorney. or quitting if afforded.

3. Proposal Outline The research paper will address the causes of employee exploitation and its determent. Legal issues will be discusses such as United States Labor Law and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. I will use questionnaires and structured interviews for carrying out the research. The whole process will take around one month.

4. Proposal Questions The research will focus on questions like: How many employees complain of being exploited? What techniques employers use to exploit them? How employees confront exploitation? What fears do they have which makes them suffer from exploitation? Are employees’ protection laws being implied in these companies? What should be done to motivate employees so that they raise their voices?

5. Methodology I plan to visit different companies to locate answers to my research questions. I will conduct structured personal interviews with the managers and employees. I will distribute questionnaires among employers, employees, and some attorneys. I shall conduct a comparative research based on results received from companies which exploited their employees and those which did not.

6. Implications The results will be helpful in obtaining an exact idea about employee exploitation, its causes, effects, and determent. The research will help the employees understand their basic workplace rights.


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