Exploration paper

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Topic Exploration Paper.In most western countries like America, fatherhood has undergone a revolution. This revolution has been brought about a change in the traditional gender roles where women were involved in reproductive while men carried out the productive roles to sharing of parenthood responsibilities as the women go into productive roles as well. Women were purely the care givers and men the breadwinners. This therefore distanced them from any direct involvement in their children’s lives other than providing the meals for them while the mother did all the other things for them.As society evolved and women began advocating for their own equality and equity rights, the men started getting more involved in childhood responsibilities other than just fathering and provision of food. The 20th Century has seen fatherhood rise to the status of fathers raising their own children without the presence of a mother or wife. It has also seen gay men becoming fathers and bringing up their own kids without the presence of the traditional family setup of mother, father and child and these children still grow up like other children (Ozgun, Erden and Ciftci, 2011).Fathers have started getting more interested in the other aspects of their children’s lives other than just grooming them towards being the heirs to their property. They care about their other previously trivial aspects of their lives like their health both psychological wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing, their education and their social life as well. Fathers of this era are seen taking their children to sports, to hospitals for checkups, and to recreational facilities for bonding which was non-existent and still in in other cultures.When it comes to African societies, there is a division between those who have become urbanized and hence taken up similar fatherhood roles with the western societies as explained earlier and those who

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