Visit the International Trade Administration’s website (Click here). Watch the following videos and provide the information requested. This is a very rich site if you are interested in exporting. I encourage you to take advantage of the material beyond the required videos.

Video 1 – Exporting basics: The exporting process overview (Click here) (Scroll down to find the video)

1. What are the 5 essential elements of the export process?

Video 2 – Exporting basics: Are you export ready? (Click here) (Scroll down to find the video)

2. What are the four steps to become export ready?

Video 3 – Exporting basics: My export plan (Click here) (Scroll down to find the video)

3. What are the six steps to creating your export plan?

Please note:

  • For this assignment, bullet points are OK.
  • Your name must appear at the top of the submitted document.
  • The submission must be typed and formatted well (hand-written and mobile screen shots are not acceptable).
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be accurate.
  • Document should contain 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and single-space.
  • Submit document to Courseden dropbox.