Fans and fandoms

For your second essay, I would like you to consider the essays on fandoms as your inspiration. We have discussed the role, the psychology, and the stigma of fandom. In keeping this in mind, for this essay, please choose from one of the following prompts:

· “There is a fine line between being a fan and being insane.” – Ethan Dickinson

This is a common point of view of fans and fandoms. Yet, is it true? Does that “fine line” truly exist? According to Larsen, “there’s a tendency to present people who are passionate as somehow damaged, but I think that should be celebrated.” Should fandom be celebrated or should the depth of it be discouraged? Offer specific reasons why it should be celebrated or discouraged to support your overall point.

· In Caitlin Dewey’s “Inside Hogwarts Is Here…,” she suggests there is a distinction between fandoms. Certain fandoms seem acceptable, while others are criticized. She suggests, “It’s okay, even cool, for the football fan to paint his entire body in team colors, memorize the stats and life story of every player, spend hours online perfecting his fantasy – think about that, fantasy – team. But spending 45 minutes on a Potions essay? The knee jerk response is ‘get a life.'” Is Dewey right? Do we perceive different types of fans the same? More importantly, should we? Is a fan, no matter the fandom, the same? For this essay, argue if fans should or should not be perceived equally. Again, offer specific reasons why or why not as support for your overall point.

· CC Norseman suggests ” If nothing else, this whole incident (the Adrian Peterson incident) was a good reminder for me that these football players should not be role models, especially not for our kids. We shouldn’t hold them to a higher standard, because if we continue to do so: THEY WILL FAIL US. They are just regular people, playing a game that entertains us fans. Pure and simple.” This begs the question: Are celebrities, books, movies, musicians, etc. worthy of fandoms? For this essay, argue for a specific fandom. You should consider a fandom you have some personal knowledge. Choose ONE fandom for one of the categories above. Should this particular fandom exist? If so, why? Offer specific reasons that argue for the existent of a particular fandom.

· A topic of your choice that argues about fans or fandoms. Please talk with me about your topic by ________________________

Additional requirements for this essay:

  • Your essay must be at least three (3) full pages in length. A full letter grade will be deducted from any paper not meeting the length requirement.
  • Your essay should incorporate at least two (2) outside sources. These sources should meet credibility guidelines, and you should strive to locate these sources from the databases available to you as CSUF students. You may also use sources from interview to provide further support.

Essay 2 must adhere to MLA guidelines in order to receive full credit:

  • Each essay MUST be typed, double-spaced, with a 1 inch margin on each side and a running header with your last name and the page number in the upper right hand corner.
  • Each essay must use a 12 pt. font (Times New Roman).
  • Each essay must have your name, my name, the course name and the date in the upper left hand corner on the front page only.
  • Each essay must have a centered creative title. Do not underline, italicize, or place it in quotes.
  • All outside sources should be cited according to MLA Style guidelines. This means you should have BOTH in-text citations and source citations on a Works Cited page.
  • Each formal out of class essay must be submitted to and Titanium on or before the due date.

Late essays and/or essays that are not sent to will not be accepted.

Rhetorical Situation Brainstorming

This is meant to help you consider your intent before moving into the drafting portion of your process.





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