FDI Inflow Analysis

Unit 5-7: FDI Inflow Analysis


Foreign direct investment (FDI) contributes to the growth of national economies and provides emerging and developing economies with greater access to capital, technology, and manpower. This is an opportunity to analyze the inflows/outflows of foreign direct investments in Asia. This is an individual assignment.


· The report must adhere to the APA writing style.

· Narrative submissions are prepared consistent with the APA Manual and include a title and reference page.

· Submissions that are required to be presented in a table, PowerPoint, or Excel format and whose content requires appropriate support from credible or scholarly sources, must be properly in-text cited and listed in a reference page consistent with the APA Manual.

· There is no minimum number of references that need to be utilized to support the completion of this assignment; however, it is generally understood that any good country analysis will incorporate the appropriate quality and quantity of scholarly sources to support any suppositions and recommendations.

· The report should demonstrate higher level cognitive processing (analysis and evaluation), which is essential for someone in any industry, as business decisions affect all levels and stakeholders within the organization.


· Summerfield, R. (2018, April).  Assessing global FDI flows (Links to an external site.) . Retrieved from https://www.financierworldwide.com/assessing-global-fdi-flows/#.W2oB19JKgdU


This is an individual assignment. Report on your research of FDI inflows/outflows across the globe and within the Asian Continent. Appropriate graphs and/or tables should be provided to support your report. Utilize APA format.

1. Conduct a literature review to compare and contrast global foreign direct investment inflows received by Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Note: Middle Eastern countries include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, etc.

2. Initial Post

0. Discuss the different factors that can attract inflows of FDI to Asia.

1. Based on your research, suggest the top five countries worldwide that receive the most FDI.

2. Based on your research, suggest the top five countries in Asia that receive the most FDI from other advanced countries 

3. Discuss why these Asian countries are leading in FDI inflows from other advanced countries.

4. Conclude your report with high-level observations about FDI inflows between Asia and the world, and Asia and the Middle East.

5. Draw tables/figures where necessary.

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