Fictional Case Study

by | Jan 7, 2021 | College (1-2), Education

A detailed, well-written description of any information shared by the cooperating teacher about one student who stood out to you in some way. Make sure to change the student’s name to a fictional name. As stated in the complete assignment posted on the General Module, most of your work on the Case Study project will be fictional, as this assignment is only loosely based on a real student. Most information about your student should be created by you. Remember-this is essentially a fictional case study.

(1) Describe why you selected your student. Include any relevant information provided to you by the teacher though it is likely that your cooperating teacher may not be able to provide you with much information, due to time restraints or privacy issues. Make sure to advance any information you receive with your own descriptions and explanations. Focus on one student during your first hour of observation and use the visual of this student as a springboard for your case study. Keep in mind that you must align your descriptions with accurate information guided by the developmental milestones of the student’s age level. In this way you will note typical and atypical aspects of this student. Include in your descriptions:

· Fictional name for your student

· Age and grade level

· Race and/or culture

· English speaking or English Language Learner?

· 1st paragraph-Linguistic ability as compared/contrasted with developmental milestone for language development. Provide examples of dialogue overheard or create examples that showcase the language development of your student. Make sure that dialogue that you include is in quotation marks, and decide if this is an area that you deem as a weakness-whichever you decide, your examples should reflect the level of the student. Most likely you will need to create your own examples, as the observation time is limited for this assignment.

· 2nd paragraph-Examples of behavior/emotional development of your student in the classroom setting. Include dialogue in quotes, between student and teacher, and student with students. You will need to extend your observations with fictional information. Make sure that your dialogue showcases his/her behavior and emotional development and, depending on whether you want your student to be weak or strong in this area, you will need to create examples that let your readers know one way or the other. Again, your examples may be fictional.

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