Fieldwork observation report

Write 1 page essay on the topic Fieldwork observation report.In order to ensure that the learners grasp the knowledge the teacher asked both oral and written questions some were simple while others were a bit complex. As a professional the teacher was very kin on the way he was handling the pupil’s answers. Whenever a pupil gave the correct answer, he would personally appreciate him and request the pupils in helping him to do so by applauding. However what pleased most is that the teacher did not refute wrong answers whenever the student gave a wrong answer, the teacher would commend the attempt made and encourage the pupils to make the necessary improvement then proceed to ask another pupil to correctly solve the sum or do it by himself.In conclusion this was a very interactive class. A part from giving all students equal treatment, the teacher effectively used verbal and non verbal communication skills to teach. At the same time he carefully handled the pupils’ answers in the best manner he could. This was quite

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