Pick a film that you think embodies at least two of the four tenets of pop culture in film:

References within the film
Music within the film
Characters in film
Film themselves being a part of pop culture (Give examples)

Write a two-page paper, MLA style, outlining your ideas as to why this film is a part of pop culture. Give detailed examples from the film, and point out how they fit into two of the above ideas. If describing the film itself as being a part of pop culture, give detailed examples and tell why.

Use at least two sources to back up your claims. Cite them properly.

A ‘works cited’ page does not count towards the two pages.

How you will be graded:

20 pts Used two ideas, and successfully demonstrated how they fit into the lectures idea of pop culture in film.

10 pts Successfully used two sources in backing up your ideas (properly cited)

5 pts Proper spelling and punctuation

5 pts MLA style

CANT use Ferris buehler, it was used as an example