Final Essay Question

Write a 2 page essay on Final Essay Question.Many people in Baltimore have similar experiences. The Baltimore Police Department is considered as a terrorist organization, which is financed by the tax dollars, with the aim of beating members of the community with impunity. A total settlement of $6 million dollars has been given to innocent individuals who have been brutalized by the police.The first analyzed concept is that, human activity is based on habitualization. “Habitualization further implies that the action in question may be performed again in the future in the same manner and with the same economical effort” (Berger and Luckmann, 1966, p. 43). The Baltimore police have continuously abused innocent residents of Baltimore, as illustrated by the 100 individuals killed recklessly during the past decade.The second concept is institutionalization. Institutions involve collectivity that has adequate number of individuals (Berger & Luckmann, 1966, p. 44). The Baltimore uprising discussion illustrates the existence of a law enforcement institution, which is supposed to maintain law and order, and protect the Baltimore residents as illustrated by both state and federal laws. The institution is the Baltimore Police Department. This institution has been under criticism in recent past, due to proven cases of police abuse.Thirdly, holocaust concept is illustrated in the current society. “The Holocaust was born and executed in our modern rational society, at the high stage of our civilization and at the peak of human cultural achievement, and for this reason it is a problem of that society, civilization and culture” (Bauman 516). The Baltimore case illustrates holocaust case, because police brutality led to the death of 100 people in the past decade.The concept of the self is effectively illustrated in the Baltimore scenario. “The self is something which has a development. it is not initially there at birth but arises in the process of social

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