Final evaluation about ART appreciation

Argumentative essay on Final Evaluation about ART Appreciation. Needs to be 1 pages. Written thoughts differ from oral expressions by their clarity and organization. When people write about arts, they tend to be more accurate in their assessment and appreciation. I believe that I have significantly improved my writing skills during this semester. Considering the fact that all areas of research require writing, I will definitely use these skills further.3. Were you able to develop your research skills in this course? What was the most helpful information this course gave you in terms of conducting high quality research? How do your skills compare now to how they were when you first started the course?This course gave me many chances to developed research skills and tried to use them all. A lot of assignment required additional research in journals and other academic publications to do assignment. I did my best to find relevant information and use it in my research assignment and I learned where I could find information I needed.Yes, I will continue studying arts because I really feel that I am interested to learn more. It is amazing when one able not only to see art but to understand it as well. This course gave me the opportunity to develop this art understanding.I liked the approach to art promoted by this course. It was relevant to pay attention to formal features and to historical background of each work we studied. This approach was great because it developed deep background knowledge and patience to

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