Selecting a company for analysis

by | Jan 24, 2021 | College (1-2), Finance, Project

Select not less than three, not more than five classmates to form a team. The team members will choose three publicly traded companies for investment purposes. Each member will propose two companies that he/she likes. Each member will print the profiles, the balance sheets and the income statements of their companies in order to discuss why they choose their respective companies. The team will make decisions together to select the final three companies out of all the proposed companies. The team will analyze their three selected companies using ratios. Each group will hand in one report. Your analysis will include a spreadsheet(s) of three ratios for each company as an appendix to the write-up. You will also attach the financial statements of the three selected companies.

  1. What were the criteria used in selecting the companies?
  2. Compare and explain the results of the ratios.
  3. Which company exceeded your expectations the most? What were the factors?
  4. What are some of the vital lessons that you learned from that project?
  5. How will your experience from that project influence your investing decisions in the future?
  6. Based on your findings, allocate $500,000.00 in your selected companies and explain the rationale behind your allocation.

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