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Compose a 1250 words essay on Find an issue, concept, or topic in any one of the course readings assigned for the period. Research and write an to elaborate the issue, concept or topic. You need to make a claim / argument in your. One of the areas that have reported a rapid increase in the number of clients is breast surgery procedures. The number of women looking for cosmetic breast surgery has been on a dramatic rise since Timmie Jean Lindsey as the first woman underwent the procedure in 1962. Although the shape of preferred breast implants have been fluctuating depending on the societal trends of specific periods with the 1970s women preferring a teardrop shape while those of the 1990s went for the roundest breasts possible, the global number of those interested in the procedure has always been on the increase (Foster). It is estimated that in Seoul, South Korea’s capital, one out of five women had undergone a plastic surgery procedure (Conley).These figures have continued to increase even with reported health complications such as the Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) scare, which is in fact not the first one. Over the history of cosmetic surgery, there have been always been an alternative to procedures that were deemed as risky such as the 1992 US silicone scare which led to many women going for plastic surgery to prefer saline instead of silicone implants. The risks on physical health such as possible infections, chronic pains, numbness of affected areas, breakage, leakage as well as necrosis for those who go through such procedures have deterred potential clients. The cosmetic surgery has been reported to gain popularity even during recession with breast augmentation which is the most popular reporting a 10 percent rise in the number of women who underwent the procedure. Surgeons have also noted the PIP scare has not reduced the number of clients visiting to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures (Foster).Psychologists who have investigated the motivation behind increased cosmetic surgery claim there are two classifications thereof that include intrinsic and

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